Holidays 2020:  Tips with a Twist      

This year try getting into the spirit of the season with some of these unique holiday ideas. Take a step outside the box and put your own spin on your holiday plans.

  • Socially Distanced Secret Santa – Whether it is a group of friends that you haven’t been able to spend as much time with or your colleagues at your place of work, “Secret Santa” is always a fun time. In our “socially distanced” version, you can get friends or family that have moved away into the action, too! With online stores and free shipping from many major retailers, you can do all of your shopping and sending on the internet this year.

  • Mail Dessert to Your Loved Ones – With the right packing technique, you can do some extra holiday baking and MAIL cookies (or even some more durable pies) to those family members that may not be able to come visit this year.

  • Tour – Holiday Lights – If you’re not close enough to visit any of the growingly popular drive-through holiday lights displays, you can still enjoy a cruise through town with the family to enjoy a bit of holiday spirit. And on the plus side, you can roll your windows up and drive away if roaming Christmas carolers aren’t your favorite. Fa La La La!

  •  Travel Around the World with Your Holiday Dishes – Celebrate your festive meal with an extra dish or two that are popular holiday eats in other places around the world. You can add some seafood to infuse a bit of Italian “Feast of The Seven Fishes” to your table. Perhaps a mince pie from England, a babka from Poland, or Swedish saffron buns would make a fine addition to your dinner table. Or, if you don’t like the idea of cooking, you can order out some KFC and claim that you’re doing a Japanese inspired holiday dinner (Seriously! Look it up!)