Upholding the Rights of our Residents is #1 at LIVIA not just during October (Residents’ Rights Month), but 365 days a year!  Our Resident’s Bill of Rights covers a wide range of subjects from medical care through activities of daily living including resident engagement and socialization. It also safeguards privacy while ensuring dignity in all phases of care including: Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing /Sub-Acute and Long-Term Care.

Another Right, The Right to Vote is a part that we take very seriously at LIVIA working to ensure that this fundamental right is extended to our residents through our department of social work.   Our department of social under the leadership of Rashed Espejon, Director of Social Services, oversees the rights of our residents from admission through care planning, as well as, to discharge if needed. Connecting with families throughout the process is an essential role of our social service department.

According to Rashed, “Every family is unique, as well as, their needs. I believe in listening to their concerns taking a person-centered approach to meeting their individual needs. Making sure their stay at LIVIA is as smooth as possible keeping them connected to their families.”  To maintain the resident’s connections   to both family and friends for additional emotional support, LIVIA from day one equipped every room with Alexa Show to offer drop in video capabilities free of charge to resident’s families and friends. The service only requires a smart phone by the family member or friend to keep connected to the resident so they can join their loved one by simply a drop-in video chat.

Exercise Your Fundamental Right …by Voting on Tuesday, November 3 …